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Why Weatherize?

There’s no reason to shiver in your own home every time the snow flies. Weatherization is key to helping you keep the warm air in and the cold air out. More comprehensive projects can ease energy consumption further still, helping to lower your heating bills.

If your home is losing heat, it’s likely you’ve noticed one or more of these common problems:

Diagram of a house showing common places for snowmelt, mold, drafts, and icicles


If cool air leaks in while your heat is on, you can be sure that energy is being wasted.


Snow melting in some areas of your roof and not others can indicate that your attic is not properly sealed and insulated.


They may look pretty, but icicles often indicate that heat is escaping through your roof.


Lack of insulation can cause moisture to rise and get trapped in the attic.

Now what?

Where to Start