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Partner Toolbox

Your destination for Button Up promotional materials.
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Designed to 11x17 and featuring ample space to fill in hand-written details, our Button Up poster is in ready-to-print PDF format, perfect for event promotion.

Download Poster

Social Media Assets

Throughout the campaign, we'll be posting content on Facebook. Share the posts with your network or create a post of your own with details on an upcoming event or weatherization tips.

Sample In-Person Event Post

Copy: Button Up Vermont will be in [town name] this week for the [event name] event. This is your opportunity to get advice on making your home more cozy!


Sample Virtual Event Post

Copy: Weatherization Wednesday is coming up! This week’s topic is ________.
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Sample DIY Weatherization Post

Copy: What is the last DIY project you did to Button Up your home? Check out the 9 top projects to help you keep warm this winter.



Download and unpack this zip file for a selection of image options.

Download images (.zip, 100MB file)

Newsletter Content

Use the text below in your own newsletter or submit it for inclusion in someone else’s. This verbiage is also just the right length for submission to your town’s Front Porch Forum. Just copy and paste.

Headline: Does Vermont’s winter beauty give you the shivers?

Body copy: Or are you just freezing? Don’t do that! Buttoning up your home is a great way to increase your comfort and save money, too. From DIY weatherstripping to booking a certified contractor to help you with bigger upgrades, Button Up Vermont is your one stop for valuable tips, unique educational opportunities, and a host of professional resources.


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Informational Printouts

Use the links below to access informational print collateral from Efficiency Vermont. Each piece is downloadable in ready-to-print PDF format.

Heat Pumps (are they right for you?)

Weatherization overview

Residential Rebates

Tips for Renters

View more

Co-Op Advertising

Partners are welcome to apply for cooperative funding to help promote Button Up and/or weatherization. Partners may be reimbursed up to $100 per year to help cover the cost of a print, radio, or digital ad, or event supplies.

Funding is limited and is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Restrictions apply.

Download form (PDF)

The Button Up logo is available for download in a variety of file formats and resolutions, including JPEG and PNG.

Download Logos (.zip)

A selection of print materials for Button Up

Marketing Collateral Order Form

Request a shipment of professionally printed Button Up collateral to your address for your event. A typical package of available materials includes 10 posters, 5 knit hats, 20 stickers, and 50 checklists. If you would like different quantities, let us know below.